IDignity regularly receives requests from across the United States to replicate the IDignity model. We are working to develop a model for expansion, which includes some earned income initiatives. 

Replication & Consulting

Bringing IDignity to your community

The success of the IDignity model is closely linked with our ties to the community. IDignity’s “one-stop shop” model is possible only through coordination of local resources and relationships. Key components such as our dedicated volunteers, our partnerships with local social service organizations and the critical relationships with key government agencies are the result of years of work within the community. Because these key components must come from the community itself, IDignity does not function as a mobile service.

For communities interested in replicating the IDignity service model, we offer the IDignity Chapter Program. Before an IDignity Chapter License can be granted, communities must demonstrate substantial need; secure an appropriate site at which to hold events; and develop other assets such as a paid staff, a system for serving clients between major events, and the ability to raise funds sufficient to sustain the chapter long-term. For details on establishing a local IDignity chapter, contact us at 407-792-1374, ext. 11, or email us.


IDignity primarily exists to help those who need identification and do not have the financial means to navigate the system to do so. If you need assistance obtaining legal identification and have the financial means to pay for our services, we do provide consulting and office hours between events in order to assist those who need help navigating the system and to help fund our non-profit work to those who cannot.

To request a consultation, contact us at 407-792-1372, ext. 11, or email us.