IDignity was created to assist U.S. citizens and legal residents in Central Florida to navigate the complexities and financial burden of obtaining the legal documentation that the State of Florida requires to obtain an ID or license. The documents IDignity obtains on behalf of our clients enable them to:

  • apply for employment or school
  • obtain access to shelters
  • seek help from social service programs
  • open a bank account or cash a check
  • secure housing
  • overcome many other obstacles to becoming self-sufficient

The demand for these services has yet to ebb.

While the State of Florida does not charge the homeless or those living below the poverty level for the cost of an ID, individuals must still cover the cost of obtaining the proofs required by the State to obtain an ID. The fee for a driver’s license is not waived. The cost of proofs varies depending on the complexity of each case. Birth certificate costs vary by state/US territory and range between $7 and $50. Official copies of marriage certificates/licenses must be obtained to document any name change.

Obtaining identification documents gives our clients the ability to move forward to the next step of their lives.