Ivanisse’s Identity

Like any young adult, Ivanisse is still discovering who she is. But when she lost her identification, she learned a new, inspiring aspect of her character.

God Put Us Here To Help

Myron and Linda’s story says a lot about what it means to make a difference. It shows how helping others does not mean you have to change the world, but simply lend a hand to someone who needs it.

A New Lease On Life

A woman stands in line at The Salvation Army nervously gripping the handles of the wheelchair in front of her where her elderly mother sits. The woman is pretty sure this IDignity thing is too good to be true.

IDignity Day | Pursuing the American Dream

His father had been a carpenter with good hands and an eye for precision. Dan inherited those qualities. Growing up, he often read Popular Mechanics and built his own toys. He wanted to be an aerospace engineer, and where better than Florida to make that American Dream come true?

Identification: A Nightmare

Before Maria could even think about starting to look for a new job, she realized her ID had expired. “Even if I could get a job interview, they wouldn’t hire me without that little card,” Maria thought to herself.

As she considered what this meant, a chill overcame her. Maria would have to go to the D ­- M – V!