Exchange students shared a special moment with IDignity client

Recently, IDignity welcomed students from the Netherlands, here in Orlando as part of Valencia College’s exchange program. During their visit, these students got an up-close look at IDignity’s mission in action, and a glimpse into the complexities of obtaining legal proof of identification in the United States.  

Ghosts Are All Around Us

To live without identification, for many, feels like not living at all. Being unable to prove who you are leaves a person feeling more like a ghost than a human.

2021 Board of Directors updates

IDignity recently welcomed a new board member while also saying goodbye to several others. Read more about this update to the IDignity board of directors roster.

A Turning Point | Alex’s Story

Alex was evicted from her apartment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid the chaos of becoming homeless, she lost all her personal identification. Click to find out how she is turning her life around.