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What is a Gold Star Giver?

When you give to IDignity on a monthly basis you become part of an exclusive community we call the Gold Star Givers. Just like the gold star on Real IDs, you are so important in helping our clients reach self-sufficiency by obtaining their legal identification documents. 

Already a Gold Star Giver? 

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5 Reasons to be a Gold Star Giver: 

Just as there are five points on the gold star - there are five reasons WHY you should be a Gold Star Giver! 

1. Community 

As a Gold Star Giver, you become a part of an exclusive community that supports IDignity's mission. You will receive exclusive updates on IDignity's progress and the individuals you have helped!  As a Gold Star Giver, you are a part of the IDignity family. 

2. Consistency

By giving monthly you are giving to the stability and sustainability of IDignity. You are helping us ensure that every month we are able to serve clients at our greatest capacity. 

3. Growth 

With your monthly donation, you are helping IDignity grow as both an organization and a community. Every donation you make allows IDignity to focus on our operations of serving clients while simultaneously working to expand and help more individuals become self-sufficient. 

4. Tailored to You 

With a monthly donation, the amount you choose is donated automatically on a monthly basis. You can choose your amount, and you are able to change or cancel your donation at any time. 

5. See the Impact YOU Make! 

As a monthly donor, you are able to see the direct impact you make on so many individuals and on our community as a whole. By giving monthly you are actively creating positive change in the lives of many by helping them become self-sufficient in obtaining their identification documents.  This allows these individuals to obtain a job, housing, food, schooling, proper healthcare, and so much more. 

What Your Donation Does