An ID is passed from a volunteers hands to the hands of its owner.

Proving one’s identity is foundational to an individual’s ability to participate fully in our modern-day society. Legal identification documents are often required to access education, employment, housing, proper healthcare, banking, social services, and numerous other opportunities.

IDignity exists because the barriers necessary to protect the integrity of legal identification can make it extremely difficult and sometimes impossible for individuals to obtain these documents on their own, especially those living in poverty or with disabilities.

IDignity ClientThis mission was founded in 2008 to help U.S. citizens, and legal residents establish legal proof of their identity. By assisting individuals in overcoming this one barrier, IDignity empowers these individuals with the ability to improve their own lives and cultivates a more inclusive, productive, and secure society for us all.

IDignity achieves its mission by advocating for each client, bringing together the identification-issuing government agencies, providing legal representation, and covering the expense of the process.

In the 13 years since its inception, IDignity has served more than 24,000 unduplicated clients in Orange County, Florida, along with thousands more through self-sustaining affiliate programs in the surrounding counties.

IDignity provides a significant positive impact on our community. Before receiving identification, 76 percent of IDignity’s clients are unemployed. IDignity’s data shows that within three months of obtaining ID, 38 percent of those who obtained ID were able to gain employment, and 29 percent were able to obtain disability benefits. IDignity addresses a root cause of poverty and the inability to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

IDignity is honored and truly grateful to receive this amazing support and funding from Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining, as well as the Central Florida community.

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