Congratulations to Danny on passing his driver’s test today! 🎉

Danny came to IDignity early this year and left with a learner’s permit. He’s a 51-year-old UCF student working his way back from a stint of homelessness that started when he had to choose healthcare over a home. For now he is crashing on a friends couch and pursuing an engineering degree. Another acquaintance of Danny’s was able to give him a working car. Danny was only able to keep the car in the parking lot of the apartment complex where he sleeps if it was insured and registered. To do that he needed his driver’s license. So, he has been practicing and studying, and practicing and studying again for his driver’s test. Today was the big day and he succeeded! A big thank you to the Orange County FL Tax Collector’s Office – Scott Randolph for helping Danny with this huge step closer to his dreams.


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