Dear Friends of IDignity,

This is a time of year to think about new beginnings. Not so long ago, I needed a fresh start. I had lived a somewhat normal childhood, though I suffered from ongoing abuse by a neighbor. Looking back, that may have been the trigger for later trouble.

I got married and had a good job at Publix, but unfortunately drugs had also become an important part of my life. This led to my divorce and then to my sobriety until my son moved away and I started using again. A lot. It was not long after that I lost my job, then my housing.

I needed a new beginning, and I found it while wandering the streets of downtown where I met a fellow homeless man. He introduced me to the Orlando Union Rescue Mission. It became my home. There, I found the love of my fellow man and, most importantly, the love of Christ Jesus. Drugs no longer mattered. Christ did.

At the Rescue Mission, one of my jobs was to help set up for the IDignity events. I liked it. It gave me a sense of purpose, service, commitment. I was overwhelmed by the number of people who showed up to get their ID so they could get a new start, and the number of volunteers who showed up to help them. IDignity even helped me obtain my identification.

Today, almost 10 years later, I proudly serve on IDignity’s Board of Directors. I also have a full-time job helping people suffering from homelessness to connect with essential social services, like IDignity.

The ability to access your legal identification documents is the key to empowering people to better their own lives, to hope for a new beginning. I ask that you consider making a financial investment in IDignity so that individuals like me can begin a better life.

Thank You,
Brad Sefter

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