IDignity's Seeds of Hope Fundraiser 2021

Where does hope come from?

Does it sprout out of nowhere? Or is it something we sow?

IDignity believes hope comes from possibility. It grows from a little seed, full of potential and brimming with hope. And, when you support IDignity’s mission, you are cultivating that hope.

Functioning in our society is impossible without proper identification. That is why, for the past 13 years, IDignity has collaborated with government agencies, attorneys, and volunteers to assist individuals in obtaining documents such as birth certificates, Social Security cards and Florida IDs or driver’s licenses. 

How YOU can get Involved

Sow Your Seed: Your contributions to IDignity create opportunity and possibility. By providing an individual with the legal identification they need to access employment, housing, education, banking, social services, proper healthcare and numerous other opportunities, you are cultivating an environment where hope can bloom and flourish. On average, IDignity is able to assist a client in securing all their various forms of legal identification for just $300 and six hours of volunteer time. Use the donation form below to plant a seed of hope.

Put down roots: Sharing IDignity’s mission is a great way to spread hope! Copy and paste the message below into an email or text to family and friends who you believe would connect with IDignity’s mission.

“Hey! Have I ever told you about IDignity? It’s a local nonprofit that does amazing work helping people get legal identification, and they don’t even charge for their services!

They’re doing a fundraiser right now and I’d love it if you could help get the word out! It’s really easy to share or donate, and your participation helps more people gain access to their legal identification.

If you click this link (, their fundraiser page talks a little about what they do, has a quick donation form, and some great ways to email, text or share the mission with friends and family.”

Seeds of Hope Donation Form

Learn more about what your donation does

IDignity’s Seeds of Hope Fundraiser is generously sponsored by:

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