IDignity Suzette Ashton

As one of IDignity’s (self-proclaimed) biggest fans, I am excited to share this vital organization with you and invite YOU to become one of their biggest fans!

The service IDignity provides to our community ensures equity and access to every citizen. Without them, thousands of central Floridians cannot fully participate in society because they do not have the proper identification. IDignity helps over 200 citizens every month navigate the catch 22 that exists in our system and has a very impressive success rate. Out of all the no profit organizations I have donated to and volunteered for, IDignity is the one that I have deemed my top tier organization.

I have had the honor of helping IDignity clients tell their stories about their challenges with obtaining identification. Here I am with Trina, a former client and a truly inspiring woman who paid it forward by telling her story at IDignity’s spring fundraiser.

Join me and get ready to become a HUGE fan!

Donation by mail: Please send donation checks to IDignity, Inc., 424 E. Central Blvd. #199, Orlando, FL 32801-1923.