IDignity Tanner Fox IDignity has created a system to solve the problem of the loss of identification.

I assumed that this should be a simple problem to solve until I went to my first Souper Douper three years ago. I heard about the complexity of the systems that many are forced to navigate and the amount of resources it requires to fix whatever problem you might encounter. I want to encourage you to consider giving to their mission for two reasons:

First, the people they are serving deeply need the services that they provide.

Second, IDignity is one of the most efficient and effective nonprofits in our city. They have developed an incredible system (and redeveloped it for a COVID world) with both efficiency and grace in mind.

Every client is given the undivided attention of volunteers and staff offering them the dignity that they deserve as Image Bearers of our God. They solve their problems and treat them like humans. Their restorative work looks a lot like the Kingdom of God!

Through the generosity of people like you, individuals can regain proof of their identity and pursue employment, housing, education, proper healthcare, and so many more opportunities.

On average, it costs IDignity $300 and four hours of volunteer time to obtain all the identification documents necessary for one client to become self-sufficient.

Donation by mail: Please send donation checks to IDignity, Inc., 424 E. Central Blvd. #199, Orlando, FL 32801-1923.