IDignity supporter Justin

Have you ever thought about all the things you can’t do without an ID? Tour an apartment, rent an apartment, buy a home, travel, open a bank account, drive a car, apply for a job or go to school. These are things many of us take for granted or don’t realize how dependent we are upon having proper identification.

I hope you will join me this week in supporting the local non-profit, IDignity. This organization has helped more than 23,000 people prove their identity in order to obtain a government issued ID, license and other essential documentation.

I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the Capital Campaign for IDignity for about 3 years now and invite you to help me help our community. A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and to emphasize our impact, Epoch will be matching all donations made by Epoch employees. For every $300 we raise, we help one person regain their dignity through regaining their identification.

Thank you for your community and support!

Donation by mail: Please send donation checks to IDignity, Inc., 424 E. Central Blvd. #199, Orlando, FL 32801-1923.