IDignity client Alex shows off the paperwork she's taking to the Health Department so she can get her son's birth certificate.

Alex is a single mother. She was evicted from her apartment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amid the chaos and stress of becoming homeless during a pandemic, Alex lost all her personal identification documents.

While trying to survive without a home for her and her infant son, and without any identification, she turned to drugs. That turn cost Alex everything, including custody of her boy.

Some months later, Alex came to IDignity. She was 63 days sober and recovering at a facility that helped her get clean, and get her son back. She needed her ID and her son’s birth certificate so she could find employment and get her son into daycare.

As she left Jackie’s Place to go pick up her son’s birth certificate from the Florida Health Department, she expressed her gratitude to the people who make IDignity possible. Alex said, “Thank you. It’s really hard, ya know, coming off the streets from being homeless, and losing everything, and trying to better our lives. So, this helps us better our lives and we greatly appreciate it because we couldn’t do it without you.”