It's the last ‘official’ day of #BlackHistoryMonth but we know it doesn’t stop here. We will continue sharing stories and lived experiences of our clients to celebrate diversity, history, and individual accomplishments. Like Hafford, who has many reasons to celebrate. What he thought was a simple task of replacing his ID after not having it for over a year was much more complex. An error on his birth certificate held him back from his ID, which in turn kept him from obtaining his Social Security card and unable to receive Social Security. He came to IDignity multiple times to work on correcting his documents. After receiving his corrected birth certificate and ID, Hafford told us he went from having $0 income to receiving monthly social security payments and went from living on the streets to having three roommates. Congratulations, Hafford, and thank you for letting us share your story. 💚💛❤️ - Quote from filmmaker Ava DuVernay. -