By learning another's history, listening to another's story, and walking in yet another's shoes, we increase our respect for those with different lived experiences than ourselves. IDignity works to prioritize this by sharing those stories. Stories like Lindsay’s, who came to IDignity in need of an amended birth certificate. See, someone accidentally circled 'female' on his birth certificate, so when he went to get his ID, his documents didn't match. With the help of our lawyers, Lindsay was able to obtain a corrected birth certificate and, in turn, an FL ID. Having his identity was important to him for many reasons, one being his business. That jacket? Lindsay designed it. He owns @Yasdinlco, a custom-design brand where he and his team paint custom pieces. With his identification in hand, Lindsay can expand his business, travel to new places, and share his art with the world. Congratulations, Lindsay; now go make history. 🎨 - Quote from former first lady Michelle Obama. -