Recently, IDignity welcomed students from the Netherlands, here in Orlando as part of Valencia College’s exchange program. During their visit, these students got an up-close look at IDignity’s mission in action, and a glimpse into the complexities of obtaining legal proof of identification in the United States.  

They also jumped in as volunteers at one of our Identification Service Days, where they got to know some of our clients and neighbors, particularly IDignity client Antonio, who formed a special connection with the students.  

Antonio, pictured here with two of the students, explained that he had come to IDignity for assistance in getting his ID and that he needed this documentation because he was starting a new job. After a few hours, an excited Antonio left with a path to legal identification, opening the door to his new employment and so much more. 

Seeing Antonio’s joy and hope, the students asked him if he would like to write a note to the donors who have made IDignity’s service possible. Antonio agreed without hesitation, writing, “Thank you so much for the helping hand in the start of a new job.”  See Antonio’s note, below. 

By meeting Antonio and other clients, these exchange students witnessed some of the special moments that excite IDignity’s donors, volunteers, and staff, and drive our mission. Thank you, students, for helping out and sharing in our commitment!