A client holds her things while waiting in line

The coronavirus pandemic has been an uncertain time for all of us, and that makes asking for money difficult. But please keep reading so you can understand why we are asking you to give at a time like this.

IDignity had a client named Rahsaan. He moved to Florida to work a seasonal position teaching music. When that position ended, he set out to find a new place to work. Before he could apply for a job, he needed to get a Florida ID card.

When Rahsaan went to apply for his Florida ID, he discovered the last name on his birth certificate did not match the last name on his Social Security card. Because the names didn’t match, Rahsaan could not get his ID. Without an ID, he couldn’t work. So, Rahsaan and his wife, Carole, became homeless. They spent three years trying to fix the problem before they found IDignity.

IDignity client Rahsaan and his wife, Carole, celebrate finally getting his identification documentsThanks to the support of amazing donors like you, Rahsaan now has his Florida ID. He and his wife have a home. And he has a great job at the University of Central Florida.

But why are we telling you this? Because…

Over 1 million people in the state of Florida filed for unemployment since the beginning of March. This number does not account for the thousands of individuals who do not have proper identification and will find themselves in the same situation Rahsaan found himself – unable to apply for unemployment or find a new job and on the brink of homelessness.

You can help these individuals obtain their identification so they can recover from this crisis.

Your gift to IDignity will restore dignity and hope to people like Rahsaan and will help provide the essential tool they need to move forward after this crisis.