Since May 2008, IDignity Orlando has offered identification services where U.S. citizens and legal residents can get a Florida birth certificate, as well as a Florida ID (or license renewal).  We also offer our clients help with getting a Social Security card or verification information. We accomplish this mission through governmental partnership and the support of hundreds of dedicated volunteers.

The documents IDignity obtains for its clients give them the freedom to apply for work or school, gain access to shelters, seek help from social service programs, open a bank account or cash a check, secure permanent housing, or overcome many other obstacles to being self-sufficient.

Restoring dignity and hope doesn’t just begin and end at Identification Clinics.  Among other things it does in the community, IDignity hosts an annual Homeless Memorial Service recognizing those who have died each year and IDignity leaders serve on committees and boards addressing homeless and social justice concerns.  IDignity’s purpose is to empower the community and cultivate a more inclusive, productive, and secure society.

IDignity Orlando has also expanded through satellite organizations in Osceola, Seminole and Volusia counties.  These satellite stations hold quarterly client service events.


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What Makes Us Different

IDignity stands by our clients in need, and we do our best to help every client. We have helped a domestic abuse survivor and her children regain their identities after their abuser blocked the registry of the children’s births and limited their interaction with society. We have helped countless veterans obtain their birth certificates, which are required to obtain VA-funded housing.

Obtaining an identification document might sound like a basic right of any American citizen and a straightforward process. However, it is not unusual for IDignity to invest months and sometimes years on complex cases where a birth certificate was not filed or contains errors. In order to issue a delayed or amended birth certificate, each state has different standards for what documents must be gathered, typically from early childhood records, to document citizenship status, place/date of birth and parentage.

Our mission to restore dignity and hope by providing identification does not begin and end at our Identification Clinics. Our values and community advocacy reflect our commitment to our mission. We host an annual Homeless Memorial Service recognizing those who have died each year, and our leaders serve on various committees and boards addressing homeless and social justice concerns. IDignity’s values are Dignity, Empowerment, Stewardship, Compassion, Excellence and Justice. We hope you will read more about our mission, vision and values.