Black History Month – Barb's Story

It’s important to know where you come from to know where you are going.🫱🏽‍🫲🏾 Sharing client stories allows everyone to appreciate and celebrate the richness of Black history as well […]

2023 Souper Douper Fundraiser

It’s IDignity’s Annual Souper Douper Fundraiser! Watch the video and hear how IDignity, how YOU, IDignity’s supporters, changed Karelyn’s life and helped her regain her identity.

Disability Pride Month 2023!

As communications coordinator of IDignity, I frequently interact with clients. In these interactions, I have the honor to see the positivity of so many individuals who are down on their luck but continue to move forward, including those who live with a disability, and come to IDignity for services. I see the positivity and strength of people like Karelyn who, with underlying medical conditions, was unable to work during COVID, or Glen who is…

Do You Remember Getting Your License?

Do you remember your 15th birthday? If you were like me, you eagerly anticipated getting your driver’s permit…read more to hear a special message from the chair of IDignity’s board of directors, Billy Wilson.

Kiara’s Six Year Adventure

For six years Kiara Fraizer struggled to prove her last name was the same as her children’s. One simple missing line on Kiara’s birth certificate had become a web of legal jargon, missing signatures, and stress. Until one day, Kiara found IDignity. This is the story of how IDignity worked with Kiara to obtain her identification documents and help her prove her identity.