An idea is handed off from a volunteer to a client

Sharing IDignity with your social network is a great way to help the people we serve.

Below are a bunch of resources you can use to spread the word about IDignity, or raise money to help people get the identification documents they need.

What to say

Copy and paste the paragraphs below; Tell you friends and family about why IDignity exists and how it works.

IDignity brings together government agencies, attorneys, and volunteers to assist individuals in working through the complex process of obtaining identification documents.

Through IDignity’s bi-weekly Identification Service Days, any U.S. citizen or legal resident can receive help obtaining their birth certificates from any state, social security cards, Florida IDs or driver’s licenses. IDignity also assists clients in obtaining background documents needed to prove their identity, replacing immigration documents, and amending their existing identification documents.

These documents are often required to access education, employment, housing, proper healthcare, banking, benefits and numerous other opportunities that are necessary to succeed in our society.

Where to say it

Social media is a powerful tool you can use to spread the word about IDignity. Your likes, comments, and shares help us reach more donors, volunteers, and, most importantly, people who need identification documents to get back on their feet. Follow us on your favorite social media platforms.

Email is also useful for connecting directly with people you know and love. In an email, you can attach the client stories below, include links to the IDignity videos below, include the link to IDignity’s donation page (, or forward email updates you receive from IDignity.

Client Stories to Share

Client stories help people who are new to IDignity’s mission understand how or why someone wouldn’t be able to access their own identification documents.

Written client stories are perfect to send to a friend as an email attachment or along with a personal letter. Click the images below to access each client’s written story and download:

Videos are another great way to show why IDignity exists and how it works. Here are some videos that show a specific client’s story. Below each video is a link you can copy and paste to share on social media or in an email.

Copy and paste this link to share Trina’s story:

Copy and paste this link to share Christopher’s story:

Copy and paste this link to share Stefanie’s story:

Show how IDignity works and what an Identification Clinic looks like by sharing one of the videos below.

Copy and paste this link to share “Why IDignity”:

Copy and paste this link to share “Join Us”:

See our YouTube video library on our YouTube Channel.

Share client story videos directly on Facebook from our Facebook video library


IDignity, being a nonprofit, always appreciates financial support. Below are a few ways you can help raise money to serve those in need of identification.

IDignity’s donation page is always a great thing to share. All you have to do is copy and paste the link below into an email or social media post.

Facebook fundraisers are also an awesome way to collect donations for IDignity from your friends and family. Click the link below and Facebook will walk you through setting up a fundraiser in a few easy steps.

Set up your Facebook fundraiser for IDignity

Facebook birthday fundraisers are a great way to donate your special day to help someone get their ID. Click the link below to set up your Birthday fundraiser in a few easy steps.

Set up your Facebook birthday fundraiser for IDignity


Thank you for helping spread IDignity’s mission and serve more people in need!