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  • No prior knowledge is required
  • Casework is primarily Administrative/Transactional in nature (non-litigation)
  • Access to client files/data will be provided
  • IDignity Legal Counsel is available for support

Different Types of Cases:

  • Name Change Petitions (uncontested, short matter hearings)
  • Amended Birth Certificate Applications
  • Delayed Birth Certificate Applications
  • Court-ordered Delayed Birth Certificates
  • Obtaining Adoption Records
  • Assist clients to renew/replace immigration documents (Certificate of Citizenship, Certificate of Naturalization, Permanent Resident Card, Application for Employment Authorization)

Cases with or without Direct Interaction:

  • Direct impact and client interaction with those who are experiencing homelessness, the vulnerable, and underserved population
  • Opportunity to serve a variety of clients from different backgrounds (Domestic violence, human trafficking, release from recent incarceration )

** Hours served can fulfill The Florida Bar Pro Bono Requirements **

IDignity is one of the only identification service nonprofits in the country. Due to the volume of its identification work, IDignity is both incredibly efficient and considered experts in this space.

By assisting individuals in obtaining their legal identification documents, you are making a direct and positive difference in the lives of those in our community. Such an impact profoundly affects clients' abilities to improve their lives and reach self-sufficiency.

IDignity has been in service for over 16 years. Over 100 organizations in Central Florida refer their clients, patients, and customers to IDignity to address their identification needs.

Camila's Story

Camila is a single mother of two who moved to Florida from Ohio. It wasn’t until she went to get her Florida ID that she found out her last name wasn’t always Fraizer. According to her birth certificate, she was Camila Harris; however, her Social Security card said Camila Fraizer. While she had always gone by her father’s last name, this seemingly simple mistake was much more difficult to fix than Camila thought. With the names on her documents not matching, Camila could not obtain her REAL ID. Without an ID card, she could not receive rental assistance or prove that she was her children's mother to enroll them into school. With the help of IDignity’s attorneys and volunteers, Camila was able to get in front of a judge and request a legal name change. After five years of struggling and a few months working with IDignity, Camila was able to obtain her amended birth certificate, and her official name now matches her family’s and children’s names, enabling her to obtain her Florida ID, rental assistance, and access for her children to enroll in school.

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