IDignity Client Cory celebrates getting his replacement ID with the volunteer that helped him.

Cory works in the construction industry. The company he works for pays for him to stay in hotels wherever they travel for a job, so he does not own or rent his own place.

Six weeks ago, Cory was robbed. Cory walked away from that incident with a nasty cut on his hand, and the attacker got away with Cory’s wallet. In that wallet was Cory’s driver’s license and Social Security card.

The cut on Cory’s hand has prevented him from being able to work until the wound heals. Because he can’t work, Cory has been homeless since the day he sustained that injury.

Surviving on the streets, especially without an ID, is no easy task. Thankfully, Cory came across one of IDignity’s new Identification Service Days while walking around Downtown Orlando. As luck would have it, he approached IDignity volunteers at the perfect time to fill an appointment slot that had been set aside for a client who was unable to make their appointment.

That day, IDignity verified Cory’s Gold Star status – confirming he has had a REALID before – and sent him to the Tax Collector’s office to obtain a replacement ID card at no cost to Cory. The very next day, he connected a friend in need of identification with IDignity’s services.

Cory is very excited to get back to work as soon as his hand heals. Coincidentally, IDignity is also ecstatic to be back to work, serving people like Cory who need their identification to get their lives back on track.

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