An idea is handed off from a volunteer to a client

Going into 2020, none of us would have imagined we would be facing our first pandemic as an organization and as a global community, but here we are. With this comes a lot of uncertainty, specifically continued funding for IDignity.

One thing is for certain – once this pandemic comes to an end and we all return to our daily lives, the need for identification will be even greater. There will be numerous people looking for work, people who lost their job in the wake of the coronavirus and don’t have proper identification. Without that identification, finding employment will be nearly impossible. A former client, Trina, had this exact problem – her ID expired while she had a job, she lost her job, and when she went to find a new place to work, she couldn’t.

What can you do to help people like Trina?

  • Consider making a financial giftclick this link to support the people who need to find a job but don’t have the identification they need to secure employment. You can make a one-time donation that will ensure IDignity weathers this storm and is ready to serve those in need of identification, or you can set up recurring gifts to sustain IDignity’s mission long past this pandemic.
  • Share IDignity’s mission with friends and family click this link for ideas and resources you can use to spread the word about IDignity.

Your support, whether financial or by raising awareness, will ultimately help countless individuals get back on their feet.

Thank YOU so much for helping IDignity endure and come out of this stronger than before.