A young client celebrates her new ID with an IDignity volunteer

Ivanisse’s Identity

Written by Madhavi Mooljee, Rollins Bonner Program Intern

American society delays adulthood so the harsh reality of life’s challenges doesn’t hit us all at once. But some young adults, like Ivanisse, are thrown right into the deep end.

Ivanisse is 18 years old. Her life recently became much harder when she lost her identification. Unable to receive money transfers or access her bank account due to her lack of identification, Ivanisse came to IDignity hoping she would be able to receive her new ID and “move on with [her] life.”

When asked what motivates her to keep going, Ivanisse said, “Everyone wants to fulfill a dream; everyone wants to be someone. You have to move on and can’t let anything hold you down.”

At just 18, Ivanisse has learned a lesson that many adults haven’t ever had to discover: Hard work is not enough; without hope, there is no progress.

Like any young adult, she is still discovering who she is. Ivanisse plans to use her ID to start her college education and travel to new places. While her new identification provides the proof of identity that she needs to move forward, her true identity is reflected in the determination already ingrained in her character.